Gypsum Board

Moisture Control for Gypsum Board

Moisture Measurement and Control is an essential tool for Gypsum Board Manufacturers looking for precision dryer balancing, increasing product consistency, dropping energy costs, reducing product waste, and improving product quality.

If you work in the gypsum manufacturing industry you have heard of Sensortech. We are the industry standard for moisture measurement and control and have been the global leaders for over 30 years for good reason.

Gypsum Board Sensors

Instant Moisture Profiling System

Moisture Management System

Moisture Management System

Portable Moisture Tester

Near Infrared Analyzer

Gypsum Board Process Diagram

Complete Moisture Process Control

  1. Infeed Sensor
    Monitors the incoming raw gypsum adds value to your process by providing a feed-forward control mechanism allowing you to actively predict drying speed and temperature for optimum control.
  2. Crushed Rock Sensor
    Works in conjunction with the Infeed Sensor by providing useful feedback data that correlates to the overall performance of the drying system. Having this information facilitates energy efficiency as well as a quality controlled material feed into the calciner.
  3. Wet-End Sensor
    Measures gypsum board moisture for an early indication of dryer load.
  4. Ultra High Temperature Sensor
    Measures gypsum board moisture at the end of Zone 1 or start of Zone 2. Provides feed forward information for Zone 2 drying. Operates in temperatures up to 1000°F (540°C).
  5. High Temperature Sensor
    Measures gypsum board moisture at the Final Drying Zone. Provides feed forward control of the Final Drying Zone and trim on Zone 2. Typically operates in temperatures of 392°F (200°C).
  6. End of Kiln Sensor
    Measures the gypsum board moisture at the Accumulator Section. Provides feed back information for the trimming of the Final Drying Zone. Typically operates in temperatures of 302°F (150°C).
  7. Out of Kiln Sensor
    Measures finished board moisture. One sensor provides a moisture measurement for one board stream. Provides Final Drying Zone trimming and facilitates dryer balancing.
  8. Moisture Profiling Sensors
    Provides a detailed moisture distribution of the gypsum board. This is the most advanced level of moisture control available for gypsum board manufacturers.
  9. Transfer Sensor
    Provides a cross board profile of gypsum board.
  10. Hand Held Sensor
    Provides accurate spot checking of gypsum board. Portable moisture tester that is lightweight, rechargeable, and stores multiple calibrations.