Why Moisture Control?

Why Moisture Control?

How our customers may benefit from moisture measurement and control is the most critical part of understanding Sensortech’s instrument technology. Our existing clients already know the importance of our technology in their process but the following points can never be overstated:

Effective Process Control

Moisture control is an important aspect of the manufacturing processes. Identifying a target moisture range and taking steps to achieve that target range will optimize the process control of virtually any manufactured product. Having a real-time moisture measurement of a product as it is being manufactured will allow the producer to adjust their process to achieve the target range and effectively control their manufacturing process with minimal down-time and maximum efficiency.

Increase Product Consistency

Real-time moisture control is a key performance indicator for manufacturers whose goal is to increase their product consistency. Variations in product moisture during the manufacturing process can impair the quality of the product. These variations, without the aid of Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology, often go unnoticed and produce large variations in the moisture composition of the product being manufactured. Implementing moisture measurement and control technology provides the manufacturer the ability to spot product inconsistencies in real-time and make process adjustments before the finished products are damaged or produced with poor quality.

Reduce Energy Costs

Implementing Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology can significantly reduce energy costs in a number of ways. Having a real-time measurement of moisture can prevent over-drying and unnecessary energy usage. Additionally, energy costs in producing poor quality product that is not fit for the customer and must be reprocessed or disposed are other sources of energy costs that can be avoided by implementing moisture measurement and control technology. Energy costs are a significant source of operational expenses and reducing these costs can mean significant cost savings.

Reduce Product Waste

Implementing IR Technology provides a real-time moisture measurement that spotlights variations in the product as it is being manufactured. This real-time measurement gives the producer the ability to make immediate adjustments in their process and to avoid the pitfall of manufacturing product that is unfit for the customer. Without knowing the moisture content, in real-time, a producer may continue to manufacture unfit product and learn of its poor quality only after a significant quantity has been produced.

Improve Quality Control

Consistency is a hallmark of quality. Understanding the requirements of making a quality product and consistently achieving those requirements is the best way to facilitate quality control. Moisture control is a significant contributor to the quality of a product and implementing Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology into the process provides the ability to maintain a consistency in your product moisture. Maintaining this moisture consistency will improve the quality control of virtually any production process.

Raise Product Quality

The quality of a product produces many tangible and intangible benefits. Many of the tangible benefits include an effective process control system, increased product consistency, reduced energy costs, reduced product waste, and improved quality control but the intangible benefits, arguably, have an even greater impact. Consumers respect quality and consumers drive the demand for a product. Real-time moisture measurement and control in a manufacturing process produces a quality product and, consequently, drives the demand for your product.

Reduce Water Consumption

Water consumption is a significant source of production costs for many manufacturers. Reducing this water consumption can play an important role in the productivity of the manufacturing process. Implementing real-time moisture measurement and control in a manufacturing process helps to identify unnecessary water usage and facilitates a better method of its control.

Increase Overall Productivity

Doing more with less is a strong driver of increasing productivity. Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology automates may of the tasks normally associated with productivity. Moisture control through the manual methods of testing and quality control are a good start but fall short of the benefits of automating these tasks. Identifying issues related to moisture control through manual methods generally spotlight the issues after-the-fact. Implementing real-time moisture measurement and control through Sensortech’s Measurement and Control Technology spotlights the issues as-they-occur and drives productivity beyond the scope of traditional methods.

Boost Profitability

The cost of Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology generally pays for itself through an increase in profitability within the first three months of its implementation. Thirty years in the moisture measurement and control business has given Sensortech the experience to qualify this statement with confidence. Many of our customers already understand this principle and why our repeat customer base is always growing. This growth is generated by current customers who understand, or who have come to understand, the importance of moisture measurement and control in their manufacturing process.

Product Analysis

Another benefit of implementing Sensortech’s Moisture Measurement and Control Technology into a production process is the ability of a customer to better understand their product. Utilizing moisture measurement and control technology provides a user with the ability to experiment, test, research, and perform product analysis. A producer’s ability to better understand their product provides an understanding of their production process as a whole and encourages greater productivity.