Sensortech instruments have been the global standard in moisture measurement and control for over 30 years. Our comprehensive product line provides a real-time moisture measurement so you receive continuous data without the need to take samples to the laboratory and wait hours for the results. This is a highly effective tool for moisture control and typically yields a return on investment within two to three months after installation.


Sensortech’s Near-Infrared (IR) and Radio Frequency (RF) moisture sensors can be found throughout the globe. Each technology satisfies unique application requirements and provides us the scope to match the most effective moisture measurement instrument to every application. We leverage our expertise with applied IR and RF technologies satisfy a broad spectrum of industries, product types, process locations and manufacturing environments.


The IR Series Moisture Analyzers play a critical role in optimizing process control standards spanning virtually every industry. Drawing each measurement from the molecular structure of your product allows Sensortech’s IR technology to be used in a broad variety of industries.


Sensortech’s instruments have a reputation for being maintenance free and typically require minimal servicing for at least a decade after they have been installed. Their operation is user friendly and as an added bonus you will receive the instrument pre-calibrated and ready to install as a turn-key package.

RF Series Moisture Sensors

Sensortech’s RF Series sensors are the global standard for measuring moisture in products like gypsum board and engineered wood products such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB).

Penetrating Moisture Sensors

In addition to the broad variety of board products, the RF Series penetrating measurement is suited for ceramic tiles, confectionary fillings and many other applications. RF technology is a penetrating moisture measurement that is very effective where IR technology falls short.