Moisture Control for Textiles

Textiles are judged by the quality of the material. The manufacturing process of textiles require consistency in order to produce quality products consumers value. As with most manufacturing processes moisture plays a critical role in key parts of the production process and the textile industry is no different.

Real-Time Moisture Control

Identifying a target moisture range and taking steps to achieve that target range will optimize the process control of the manufacture of textiles. The aide of a real-time moisture measurement will allow the textile producer the ability to adjust their process to achieve the target range and effectively control their manufacturing process. Sensortech specializes in the manufacture of non-contact moisture measurement instruments that provide real-time data.

Service and Support

We have been an instrument manufacturer for over 30 years but one of our greatest asset lies in our service and support. Textile manufactures count on Sensortech’s service and support when they have questions about their instruments and we always deliver on their expectations. Give Sensortech a call and you will find that you will not receive a recording, an automated phone system or an interactive voice response system; you will talk to a real person. Our clients in the textile industry appreciate this human touch and why many of them are repeat customers.

Textile Moisture Sensors

While our service and support is a principal feature of our business model we are first and foremost and instrument manufacturer. We manufacture a large variety of online sensors for moisture control tailored to specific applications throughout the textile industry.

IR Instruments

Our IR family of analyzers include our industrial grade, narrow beam, harsh environment and high sensitivity series that are designed for diverse locations, materials and applications. Sensortech is the trusted name in moisture measurement and control and we invite you to join our network of satisfied customers.