Building Materials

Moisture Control for Building Materials

Producers of building materials span a large variety of industries and product types. Most notable of the applications in the building materials industry are board products that require a penetrating moisture measurement. Board products such as gypsum board, engineered wood, dimensional lumber, flakeboard, hardboard and mineral board are ideally suited to Sensortech’s proprietary Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement.

Penetrating Measurement

RF technology provides a real-time penetrating and non-destructive moisture measurement. The penetrating characteristic of the measurement delivers the moisture content of the interior and exterior of the board. Real-time moisture measurement of the total board offers the manufacturer the ability to make the necessary changes required to maintain a quality product with no delay.

Board Moisture Sensors

Sensortech’s Open Frame Planar Sensors are one of five classifications of RF sensors typically used for moisture measurement and online process control. The open frame concept has been adopted world-wide for over 30 years and is the global standard in online moisture control for board products. Sensortech is the only producer of effective RF moisture measurement instruments and why we are the trusted name in moisture measurement and control.


IR Moisture Sensors

Sensortech is not a one trick pony. Building materials such as boards, resins, bricks, tiles and many other products have distinctly different requirements for accurate moisture measurements. The manufacturing process for a building material may start as a powdered material and end as something entirely different. One technology will not suit all applications and is why Sensortech has developed 17 distinct classifications of IR and RF technology. Contact a Sensortech Moisture Measurement Specialist to find the ideal technology to suite your requirements.