Moisture Control for Chemicals

Maintenance of product consistency for chemical producers requires effective moisture control in the manufacturing process. Large and even small variations in the moisture composition of chemicals will produce poor quality product.

Real-Time Moisture Control

Spotting these variations in real-time provide the manufacturer the ability to spotlight errors in their process and make adjustments to minimize and/or eliminate damage before it is too late. Sensortech is the leading brand in real-time moisture measurement and control with our 17 distinct classifications of IR and RF technologies.

Moisture Control Technology

Sensortech has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for over 30 years. One contributing factor to the chemical industries confidence with Sensortech instruments is our broad array of IR and RF technology applications. Every application of online moisture measurement in chemicals must consider the technology to be used, the specific chemical to be measured and where in the process the measurement will be taken.

Tailored Moisture Applications

The type of chemical and location of measurement lend itself to the array of technologies Sensortech employs for each application. This gives us a competitive advantage in matching the correct technology to the chemical application instead of fitting the application to the technology. This is an important distinction in Sensortech’s approach to matching the most effective moisture measurement and control solutions to each chemical application and why we have been the industry leader for so long.

Automated Moisture Control

The IR Series moisture analyzers provide a non-contact continuous online moisture measurement in real-time that you can output to your PLC or controller. This provides an automated method of moisture control that has become highly popular in the last couple decades.

Moisture Sensor Options

We offer a number of application interfaces that expand the scope of measurement to locations that include processes having inconsistent product flow and closed conveyor equipment. Other options include environments having extreme temperature and/or have IP67 or explosion proof requirements, chemicals having low optical reflectance properties, and even food grade requirements.

Alternative Moisture Sensors

Sensortech’s RF Series moisture sensors offer a penetrating moisture measurement ideally suited for powdered chemical products not suited for IR measurement. Chemical products often fall into a category where both IR and RF technologies will suffice for the application. For chemical products falling within this grey area it is best to contact Sensortech for a free laboratory analysis and let our moisture measurement and control specialists determine the technology that should be matched to your product. Sensortech offers this service to all its current and future clients and is a contributing factor why we are the trusted name in moisture measurement and control.