Product Types for Moisture Measurement

Perhaps the greatest determining factor of the type of online moisture measurement and control technology is the material that is to be measured. Sensortech has 17 distinct classifications of measurement and control technology that can be applied to numerous product types. Whether your product is a powder, a board product, viscous material like caramel and fudge or a product mix such as wood chips, sawdust and bark we can measure it.

Sensortech is not limited to a single technology and has the capacity of measuring a broad array of product types. Where most companies will fit an application to their technology Sensortech fits the technology to the application. When an application requires a penetrating measurement a conventional instrument manufacturer may offer a surface measurement technology because that is what they have available whereas Sensortech will offer what is required. This is the Sensortech advantage that has led to the leading role it has played for over thirty years in the field of moisture measurement and control.