Board Products

Moisture Control of Board Products

Sensortech specializes in moisture measurement and control in a wide variety of board products. One of the challenges that board manufactures face is maintaining consistency in their finished product.

Accurate Moisture Measurement

The first step to maintaining a target moisture range is to attain an accurate moisture measurement. We offer a variety of penetrating sensors that provide an accurate measurement of finished board products so that you can maintain the target moisture range necessary for a consistent high quality product.

Penetrating Moisture Measurement

In order to detect moisture throughout the whole of the board product it is important to use a penetrating measurement. A penetrating moisture measurement will quantify the total moisture content in the surface and the interior of the board.

RF Moisture Measurement

This is an important distinction of Sensortech’s RF technology and why it is required for the measurement of finished board products. Conventional moisture sensor manufactures will typically offer IR technology for this application where RF technology is essential for an accurate penetrating measurement. While Sensortech offers premium grade IR Moisture Analyzers, in most cases we will recommend a penetrating RF moisture sensor for finished board applications.

Open Frame Moisture Sensors

In the case of finished board products Sensortech’s Open Frame Moisture Sensors are ideally suited to measure the total moisture content and are typically mounted on roller or belt conveyors. Open Frame sensors are highly versatile and are offered in many custom sizes and may be mounted in ovens or kilns that operate in very high ambient temperatures. The Open Frame moisture sensors takes a penetrating moisture measurement and averages the moisture content as the finished board passes over the measurement field.

Moisture Profiling Sensors

The IMPS-4400 Instant Moisture Profiling System provides a complete moisture profile of finished board products. Arrayed two inch sensors spanning the total width of the board line provides a complete picture of the moisture composition of the board as it passes over the measurement field. The IMPS PC Controller includes a software package with visual graphics that illustrate the total moisture composition along the total length and width of the board. The IMPS-4400 is a moisture profiling system that is best in its class and one of a kind.

Hand-Held Moisture Sensors

All Sensortech RF Moisture sensors provide a penetrating measurement of finished board products. The PMT-330 is a hand-held moisture sensor used for spot checking the moisture content of board products for quality control. The PMT provides a portable non-destructive method for the Quality Assurance department to gauge the quality of finished boards. RF technology eliminates the need to insert prongs into a finished product and to destroy it in order to take a moisture measurement. The PMT is based on the same technology as the IMPS-4400 Instant Moisture Profiling System and provides the user with a portable version of its advanced technology.