Moisture Control for Minerals

Advancements in research and analysis of the methods by which minerals are extracted from their ore deposits or gangue are credited to the field of extractive metallurgy.

Mineral Processing

The process of ore dressing includes a number of methods and techniques such as comminution to crush, grind or pulverize the larger pieces into a smaller granular form, sizing to separate particles of differing sizes and enrichment to increase the concentration of the desired material and upgrading the value of the product.

Mineral Moisture Control

Other aspects of the upgrading or enriching process include a dewatering process to recover suitable solids for further processing or other purposes. Maintaining a target moisture level helps to support dust suppression and its associated hazards. Real-time continuous moisture measurement is ideally suited for these and similar applications.

Mineral Moisture Analyzer

Sensortech’s High Sensitivity near infrared analyzers have been developed specifically for mining, mineral and chemical applications. The high sensitivity hardware in the NIR-6700 produces a strong measurement signal from granular or crushed materials normally unreceptive in the near infrared band.

Mineral IR Technology

It should be noted that the NIR-6700 produces a strong measurement signal from our proprietary high sensitivity hardware and not simply from amplifying the signal alone. Sensortech’s analyzers are equipped with quadrabeam architecture, a single-point detector design and high precision tolerances of machined parts providing optimal alignment of optical components.

IR Analyzers

In addition to the inherently superior design of Sensortech’s IR Series analyzers the intrinsic nature of IR technology offers a non-contact measurement, real-time data and a relatively maintenance-free operation. This is a powerful combination of features necessary for optimal performance in the harsh environment mining and mineral industries typically present to our instruments.

Process Locations

Our high sensitivity hardware can be applied to any of our IR Series instruments for environments requiring an IP67 rating, class 1 and 2 explosion proof environments or other requirements specific to the mining and mineral industries.