NIR-7000 AnalyzerThe KPM Analytics’ NIR-7000 is a continuous online near infrared (NIR) moisture analyzer. It delivers reliable non-contact moisture measurements directly in process environments. This makes it ideal for monitoring and controlling almost any production line. The sensor is well-suited for high-throughput industrial applications. These include wood, building materials, pulp and paper, and other products where moisture content impacts product quality.

As the next-generation analyzer to the Sensortech NIR-6000, the NIR-7000 is accurate to within ±0.1% moisture for many applications.

The NIR-7000 industrial-grade analyzers are designed for direct integration into factory automation. Capturing measurements every four milliseconds, the NIR-7000 can automatically adjust your process to meet moisture measurement targets, reduce energy costs, and improve your bottom line.


  • Entry level moisture analyzer that provides reliable and accurate results.
  • Improved serviceability, modular architecture, and user-friendly software make it a significant upgrade to its predecessor, the Sensortech NIR-6000.
  • Collect real-time moisture measurements in-process.
  • Pre-programmed algorithms and calibrations, or custom-built to your specifications using NIR technology.
  • Operates in temperatures from -4°F (-20°C) with heating option, up to 185°F (85°C) with cooling option.
  • Thermal-cooled detector included.
  • Mounting options available to accommodate diverse process locations.



  • High Accuracy: Measure moisture of many product applications to within ±0.1%.
  • Ruggedized Design: The NIR-7000 sensors are contained within a powder-coated sheet metal IP65 housing, built for years of trouble-free operation.
  • Simple Implementation: The NIR-7000 can be pre-calibrated based on our database of calibrations.


How It Works

Ruggedized High-Performance Moisture Scanning

How it Works Diagram

The NIR-7000 Series Analyzers are integrated into key areas of a production facility. They continuously monitor incoming raw materials or process control on the production line. Each option integrates seamlessly onto belt, auger & screw conveyors, or bins & chutes to analyze moisture on-line.


The NIR-7000 scanning process is simple but reliable:
  1. A halogen bulb light source within the unit shines through a rotating wheel at 2000 RPM of different NIR filters that are specific to a measurement parameter.
  2. The light is reflected off the product and focused onto a cooled sulfide detector.
  3. The detector’s output is taken by the on-board “smart” circuit board. It is then compared to the internal reference beam and converted into a percent of moisture.


System Components

All NIR-7000 analyzers have a two-year factory warranty for parts and labor. They include powder-coated sheet metal IP65 housing, advanced digital noise filtering hardware, pre-programmed algorithms and calibrations, specialized NIR filtering to application requirements, management software, power, and connection cables. The lamp replacement warranty is three years.

NIR-7000 Connections