Moisture Control of Pellets

Consistency is a hallmark of quality. This is especially true for pelleted products for a number of reasons. Whether you are a wood pellet manufacturer, soap pellet producer or a company that produces pellets for animal feed you know the importance moisture plays in the manufacturing process.

Moisture Consistency

Identifying the ideal moisture range of a pelleted product and consistently meeting that target is a primary step in producing consistent and high quality pellets. Your customers recognize quality and Sensortech’s moisture measurement and control instruments are designed to facilitate consistency in the moisture composition of pelleted products.

Online Moisture Measurement

Real-time measurement of pelleted products is necessary to maintain and increasing product consistency. Today’s economy has virtually eliminated the viability of a producer to manually monitor moisture by grabbing samples from the process, hours later identifying the moisture in a lab and taking corrective action to minimize poor product quality.

Moisture Control Requirement

In order to compete in the global market of pellet producer’s implementing online moisture measurement and control is a requirement not a convenience. Process moisture control is not an art and can be measured, quantified and controlled with a Sensortech System.

Moisture Measurement Sensors

Sensortech has been in the business of moisture measurement and control for over 30 years. We offer two distinct continuous moisture control technologies: NIR-6000 Series Moisture Analyzers and the RF Series Moisture Sensors. Due to the increasing demand of pelleted products, particularly the biofuel industry, we have seen an enormous escalation of interest in both IR and RF moisture sensors.

Non-Contact Moisture Measurement

The NIR-6000 Series Moisture Analyzers are the latest development in IR technology and offers an innovative optical design, single-point dual purpose detector, collimated energy source and optimized electronic signal conditioning.

Penetrating Moisture Measurement

Sensortech’s RF technology is a breakthrough in penetrating RF moisture measurement technology whose operating principle is centered on our patented phase lock loop dielectric measurement technique.

Pelleting Process and Moisture Control

Three factors of the pelleting process play a critical role: heat, moisture and pressure. Whether your industry is wood pellets, animal feed or snack foods you recognize the importance each of these factors play in production. Machinery and equipment such as chippers, hammer mills, dryers and pellet mills help to apply consistency in these critical factors. Maintaining consistency in the moisture content of pellets is possible once a real-time measurement is taken so process adjustments can be made to maintain that consistency. Sensortech’s online moisture measurement and control instruments provide real-time data that can be used in a feedback or feedforward loop to control the dryer and maintain consistency in moisture.