Food Processing

Moisture Control for Food Processing

Quality is a key concern for the manufacturers in the food processing industry. Consistency is the hallmark of quality and one of the primary factors influencing the quality of food products is the moisture control of the product as it is being manufactured. Maintaining consistency of moisture content provides numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

Continuous Moisture Control Benefits

A few of the tangible benefits include an effective process control system, reduced energy costs, reduced product waste and improved quality control. The intangible benefits, arguably, have an even greater impact. Consumers respect quality and drive demand for quality products. Real-time moisture measurement and control in the food processing manufacturing process produces a quality product and, consequently, drives the demand for your product.

Food Grade Instruments

Sensortech has moisture measurement and control instruments dedicated specifically to the food processing industry. Our IR Series instruments are offered in  stainless steel enclosures, which reinforce your process standard of cleanliness, hygiene and the overall requirement of sanitation. In addition to Sensortech’s IR Series and stainless steel enclosures the intrinsic characteristic of IR technology’s non-contact measurement further enhances the grade of sanitation.

Food Grade Protection

The NIR-6100 Food Grade Moisture Analyzers are equipped with a stainless steel enclosure that largely eliminates the risk of abrasion and issues related to the porous nature of standard metallic enclosures. Sensortech’s NIR-6300 Harsh Environment Moisture Analyzers are IP67 rated with a stainless steel enclosure that provides an added level of protection that are necessary for many food processing applications.

Food Grade RF Sensors

Additionally, many of Sensortech’s RF Series instrument’s application interfaces are offered with a stainless steel surface that also promote a standard of sanitation necessary for the food processing industry.

Pipeline Moisture Sensors

Sensortech’s RF Pipeline Series Moisture Sensors are one of five classifications of the Moisture Management Systems. They are industrial grade sensors built to fit into the existing pipeline framework of confectionary manufacturers or products having a high level of viscosity. They are highly durable and made of stainless steel; perfect for food grade applications. There are a number of styles and options that accommodate a variety of requirements such as pressure, size of diameter and temperature regulation to prevent solidification of the product.

Premium Food Grade Sensors

If you are a food processor requiring real-time moisture measurement and control we have a solution for you. We are the first name in quality moisture measurement instrumentation. With Sensortech you are getting what you need where you need it.