High Viscosity

Moisture Control in High Viscosity Products

The continuous measurement of the moisture in products having a highly viscous texture is an application only Sensortech can accommodate. Products such as caramel, fudge, molten candy and other confectionary candies having smooth, non-grained texture or a short granular texture require a penetrating measurement. Sensortech moisture sensors have been used by the biggest names in the confectionary manufacturing industry for decades.

Pipeline Moisture Sensor

Sensortech’s RF Pipeline Series Moisture Sensors are one of the five product categories of application interfaces offered with the ST-2200A Moisture Management Systems. It is designed to integrate into your existing pipeline framework and provide a continuous measurement in real-time. It is ideally suited for fluids and pastes and comes in two popular sensor styles: button and coaxial.

Styles of Pipeline Moisture Sensors

The electrode of the button style moisture sensor is located on the side of the pipeline and measure the viscous material as it flows across the measurement field. The electrode is located away from the product flow and does not obstruct the movement of the fluid or paste. The electrode of the coaxial style pipeline sensor is centered in the cylindrical pipe and radiates the measurement field to the outer pipe wall. This coaxial style sensor is ideal for circumstances where the product solidifies along the outer wall. Steam jacketed piping will help to curb solidification of the side-wall but a coaxial sensor is always an option.