Product Mix

Moisture Control of Mixed Products

Products containing assortment of miscellaneous materials combined together often lead many of our customers to believe that the measurement of moisture is not possible. This is a common misconception that many of Sensortech’s clients have held.

Moisture Control Specialists

Many of our clients find that we do offer suitable sensors for their poduct mix after speaking with our moisture control specialists or sending us samples of their product for a free laboratory analysis. Sensortech has 17 distinct classifications of moisture measurement technologies that provide an array of options for every application.

Organic Product Mixes

A product mix may contain a number of materials but the common factor Sensortech is concern with is the moisture content of the material. A product such as hog fuel may contain materials as diverse as bark, sawdust, wood shavings, other organic waste but the moisture content is common to them all.

Aggregate Moisture

Each component of the hog fuel may hold different quantities of moisture but the aggregate moisture of the product is a useful metric that can be used to help control and perfect your process. For example, bark may hold a higher moisture content in the product mix than the wood chips but the hog fuel as a whole can be measured and used to affect change.

Food Processing Mixes

Other product mixes such as spice blends may contain a large variety of powdered and granular material like oregano, garlic powder, paprika and other ground herbs. Although the characteristics of each herb or spice differ from each other moisture is common to them all.

IR Calibration

For the example of spice blends there are an unlimited number of combinations of herbs and spices and fortunately Sensortech’s IR Series Moisture Analyzers have up to 50 product code calibrations that will accommodate a large variety of these combinations. One IR Series analyzer can effectively act as 50 analyzers simply by changing the product code.

Moisture Control Technologies

The topic of product mixes covers such a broad scope of territory that it is usually best to contact a specialist in the area of moisture measurement and control to find out if and what technology is suited for your product. Additionally, you should never rely on one technology without considering other alternatives.

Near Infrared or Radio Frequency

Luckily Sensortech has the capability of making this consideration with our 9 distinctive classifications of IR technology and 8 classifications of penetrating RF technology. Through our proprietary technologies we can serve a large variety of product mixes.

Sensortech Leadership

Sensortech has remained the global leader in moisture measurement and control for over thirty years for a reason. We are not in the business to simply manufacture and sell moisture measurement instruments. Our governing philosophy is to put the proper technology with the proper application.

Sensortech Integrity

Although Sensortech has the scope to accommodate many differing types of product mixes with our 17 distinct classifications of moisture measurement instruments there are some product mixes that we cannot accurately measure. This is the Sensortech difference. If our instruments cannot measure your product mix with any level of acceptable accuracy, we will let you know immediately. Our success is grounded in our integrity and why Sensortech is the trusted name in moisture measurement and control.