Latest Advancements in IR Moisture Measurement

The next generation of Sensortech’s IR moisture analyzers provide the highest level of precision measurement and reliable performance.

The NIR-6000 Series Analyzers have been developed for industrial manufacturers requiring precision and reliability in their moisture measurement and control systems. Sensortech recognizes that every manufacturing process is unique and have integrated the latest advancements in IR technology with the NIR-6000 Series to suit a wide range of industries, product types, manufacturing environments, and process locations. These advancements in IR technology ensure that cost savings, profitability, productivity, and quality standards exceed expectations.

Sensortech has been the trusted name in moisture measurement and control for more than 30 years with a core competency in sensor engineering and manufacturing. The New NIR-6000 Series leverages this expertise. Our engineering group has made significant advances in research and development that include an innovative optical design, application specific optical filters, and enhanced software integration. Leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing, and quality control standards has furthered Sensortech’s high standard of performance and reliability.

“Working with a talented staff of engineers and manufacturing professionals gives me the confidence to deliver superior quality products, continuous customer support, and a satisfied customer base.” says Keith McCallion, Sensortech Systems, Inc.