Sensortech is proud to announce the anticipated debut of the new NIR-6300 IP67 Harsh Environment Moisture Analyzer. The new design bolsters the strengths of the original model and incorporates features drawn from our engineering group, industry partners and feedback from our valued customer base.

IP67 Moisture Analyzer

The new 2017 Series Harsh Environment Analyzer is the only suitable choice for manufacturing environments having hostile conditions to precision instruments. Its #316 stainless steel enclosure features an IP67 ingress protection rating that protects it from the adverse effects of rigorous wash-downs and even to shield it against the effects of water immersion.

It becomes very apparent the moment you take the NIR-6300 out of the box that it is a substantial instrument designed specifically to operate in harsh and demanding environments. This is not a lightweight system designed for quick and easy applications but rather it is intended for application environments not normally suited for IR technology.

Extreme temperatures exceeding the normal operating range of conventional analyzers are no match for the new NIR-6300 with special thanks to our engineering group. The intrinsic characteristic of the redesign and auxiliary features provide a simplistic method of temperature management.

IP67 Moisture Analyzer Rear View

System cooling presents a unique challenge when faced with severely elevated temperature environments. Internal condensation within the analyzer may build when the air temperature falls below the dew point which could damage the instrument electronics over time. This is not the case with Sensortech’s new Harsh Environment Analyzer. Condensation is purged from the analyzer by exposing a desiccant cartridge to the internal environment. This is a simplistic yet effective solution to a very serious problem.

Sensortech Systems, Inc. is the global standard in moisture measurement and control. We have been a pioneering force in the industry for over 34 years whose instruments have a reputation for durability, reliability, maintainability, and superior specifications and performance. Our engineering philosophy is firmly rooted in our commitment to the process of continuous improvement of our instruments. This philosophy guarantees that you are receiving the latest developments in IR technology currently available. The new NIR-6300 Series IP67 Harsh Environment Moisture Analyzer continues this tradition of excellence.


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