Moisture Control for Tobacco

The quality of tobacco is of great concern for tobacco producers. The tobacco market is saturated with competition and quality speaks volumes when consumers have a considerable number of options to choose from.

Automated Moisture Control

This emphasis on quality puts an even greater level of importance on the process by which tobacco is produced. Automated moisture control is one easy method by which quality can be achieved and maintained. Fortunately for tobacco producers Sensortech’s NIR-6800 Tobacco Grade analyzer is designed specifically for the measurement and control of quality tobacco.

Tobacco Moisture Analyzer

The NIR-6800 Series Tobacco Grade analyzers incorporate the latest advances in IR Technology. Sensortech has optimized the NIR-6800 Series for tobacco applications using an innovative optical design, precision optical filtering for tobacco applications and enhanced software integration. The NIR-6800 delivers dependable performance through its advanced IR technology, leading edge manufacturing processes and comprehensive testing and quality control standards.

Penetrating Tobacco Sensor

Other technologies related to the moisture measurement of tobacco include our Packmoist laboratory RF moisture analyzer. This lab instrument provides a penetrating measurement that accurately measures the moisture of a pack of cigarettes. Packmoist uses a non-destructive method of measuring the moisture of a complete pack of cigarettes for final qc testing.