Engineered Quality and Durability

Sensortech is unique in its ability to deliver dependable performance through its advanced IR technology, leading edge manufacturing processes, and comprehensive testing and quality control standards. A thorough emphasis on durability had been placed on the IR Series during its development in order to bring Sensortech’s high standard of performance to industrial applications.

Near Infrared Reflectance

Sensortech filters a quartz halogen light source into a series of pulses of specific wavelengths. The filtered beam of wavelengths is directed onto the surface of your product and measures the reflected energy against a reference source. The constituent being measured, typically moisture, is calculated through a specialized amplitude ratio algorithm providing a precision measurement based on your products molecular structure.

Innovative Optical Design

Sensortech’s IR Series optical design provides a foundation of measurement stability and reliability of measurement. High precision tolerances of machined parts and alignment of optical components ensure optimal performance and a clean transmission signal.

Single-Point, Dual-Purpose Detector

The Quadrabeam Architecture of Sensortech’s IR Series Analyzers combine the measurement light path and the direct (prime) light path onto a single detector. A single detector eliminates variations due to aging and operating temperatures more effectively than dual detector systems thereby enhancing accuracy and reducing costs associated with expensive cooling systems. The large surface area of the detector removes measurement variations triggered by product height variations.

Collimated Parabolic Energy Source

Effective use of power dramatically increases optical efficiency allowing the instrument to run significantly cooler. An inherently cooler system reduces stress on electronics and power supplies, increases the life of the instrument and further reduces costs associated with added temperature control.

Optimized Electronic Signal Conditioning

Integrated signal sampling allows targeted digital filtering to minimize the influence of noise. Proprietary electronic design increases resolution and sensitivity while reducing response time.